About Us

My name is Adi Amsterdam (yes, just like the city and as I told my husband it is one of the main reasons I married him) and I have been an interior designer for 17 years and loving it.  I have always liked art and design but didn’t start my academic career in it until after I had my two kids when I enrolled in The International Academy of Design for the Interior Design program.  

At first, I thought I would complete the program so that I  will have something to do when my kids were older, but as soon as I graduated I started getting design jobs.

I enjoyed the work so much, it made me happy, filled my creativity and I got to do a variety of projects literally from the ground- up and so I just kept on going balancing family life and work.

My focus is primarily on residential design and my goal is always to create a beautiful and functional space that is inviting and that both my client and I are proud of.

Over the years I have designed many kitchens and always get asked for kitchen design advice. Being the heart of a home,  and serving both as a utility room and entertainment space it is important for people to “get it right “.

I truly believe that the space we live in has a great impact on our mood and our life in general and that a well-designed space, let alone your kitchen, should be easy to live in, take care of and maintain. It should be both smart and beautiful.

Since kitchens are made up of many components, materials have numerous functions, and are expensive, there are a lot of decisions to be made, and once they are made these decisions are usually not easily replaceable and that can be challenging.

As it happens I recently renovated my own kitchen.   As expected it took a lot of planning, (research), help, energy, money, patience, meditation, and trust.  Being an interior designer definitely has its advantages when doing your own space but let me tell you it can also be the biggest challenge.  Knowing that there are endless options out there, that kitchen technology keeps evolving, plus being your own client are only a few of them.

Be that as it may, I truly enjoyed the planning process. Finding smart and easy to take care of  materials, sourcing appliances, lighting , flooring and customizing the kitchen gave me joy.   It was when I kept getting asked for photos and demonstrations of the kitchen by trades that came in and friends that I realized just how much I love kitchen design.      It was after a conversation with my brother and my sister-in-law that the idea of this blog came about.

I was telling them on one of our many FaceTime conversations (we live in different countries and are in different time zones) about the reactions and many questions I am getting about our kitchen when my brother said “why don’t you just write a blog about kitchens, I mean, you
have years of experience of kitchen design, you are picky, care about function and esthetics,  you do the research and answer people’s questions anyway. If you have a blog you can just refer them to it.”  I thought about it for about a second and decided that my brother was one of the smartest people I know.

I needed help though and this is where my sister-in-law comes in.  She has the “blog experience” and so will be partnering up with me and making sure I get this done right and you can get all the answers you need. So this, in a nutshell, is how DOKITCH was constructed and came to be.

Feel free to explore..

That’s me!